Nanofax presentations

Approaching the Nanofax Singuarity

Please join us for a series of presentations addressing the theme of digital fabrication on Sat April 24th from 3 – 6pm at the Version Fest, NFO XPO / Free University.


3pm: DIYLILCNC (Chris Reilly + Taylor Hokanson)

3.45pm (f)utility projects

4.15pm: Mik Kastner & Brian Matthew

4.45pm: Margarita Benitez

5.15pm Dan Price

Margarita Benitez will talk about her new project osloom an open source jacquard loom she is currently developing. DIYLILCNC ( Chris Reilly and Taylor Hokanson) will demonstrate their CNC machine and talk about CNC technology in general, some of the shortcomings of the present state of CNC and how those are addressed by open-source hardware projects like the DIYLILCNC. They will also go over the specs of the DIYLILCNC, giving details about how it is built and its functions. (f)utility projects ( Paola Cabal, Michael Genge and Christopher Grieshaber) will talk aobut their ucrrent project at ATNS and previous projects including Depth of Field currently on view at SubCity Projects in Chicago. Mik Kastner and Brian Matthew are members of the Bio Art Research Network they will talk about their “bio printer” a rapid prototyping machine that will produce organic sculptures from plant and animal cells. Dan Price will discuss his work which combines sculpture, performance and experimental documentary practice. .

The presentations will take place on the ground floor in Benton House, 3052 S. Grattan in Bridgeport. Each talk is scheduled for approx. 30 mins with some time for Q + A.  Hope to see you there. For map / directions please click here: Location


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