Map / address

Approaching the Nanofax Singularity is a component of Version Fest / NFO XPO which takes place in Bridgeport at Benton House located at 3052 S. Gratten Ave., Chicago, IL. 60608. Google map

Google Map of Bridgeport area and Benton House


From the city take the Orange line to Archer and then take the Halsted bus south to 31st. Walk west on 31st until you get to S. Grattan, take a right and walk north west on Grattan for about 3 mins. OR take the Blue Line to UIC Halsted connect with the Halsted bus south and follow above directions. You can also take the Red Line to 35th and head west on 35th to Morgan. Head north on Morgan to 31st.

Version Fest / NFO XPO

@ Benton House (3052 S Gratten Ave)

$7 adults/free for youth

The NFO XPO (“info expo”) brings art groups and community organizations together to exchange information and ideas, and also provides a public platform for each individual or group to present itself. It’s a trade show for experimental art, emerging art spaces, and radical exchange. It’s our version of what an art fair should be.

This year’s XPO is hosted by Benton House, an amazing neighborhood social service agency.

Participants include: A Literal Letter Service, Criticorps, La Casa Urbana, Agent Orangerie, Trendbeheer (NL), Agent Orangerie, The bARTer collective( CO), Sticker Award, Memory and Bus Shelter Project, Maggie Puckett’s Total Ocean Recall, Greg Gillam, Midcoast Free School, Roxaboxen,  S’mores Grant Project, Vegan Galery, Chicago Underground Library, The Lines of the Rebellion(AG) , MFA AKV/St. Joost, (ƒ)utility Projects + DIYLILCNC.org ) (Taylor Hokanson, Patrick Lichty, Chris Reilly, Ben Stagl), What it Is, Le Dernier Cri, Seripop, Allison Kilberg, Tom Torluemke, Kristin Reger (Space LIC), Cave (Detroit), The Org Gallery (Detroit), Retablo-A-Go-Go (Sante Fe), Mathias Marx (DE) , Creative Oscillation Channel, threewalls with Curating Yourself, Amy Schleser + Pop Quiz Trigonometry,  Jeriah Hildwine, Rukuspace, Next Objectivists, Printervention, Melissa Potter, Ray Emerick, Skype Dance (at the XPO and at Bridgeport Coffee House), Stephanie Burke & others.

Food and drink available. (Free University and Re:Claiming Creativity Conference schedule coming soon.


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